Jan. 6th, 2015

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I'm a Clamp fan. Anyone taking a peek at my manga and anime collection can tell you that right off the bat. Sure, lots of us are, I mean, when you're as long running, big and talented as Clamp, there's not one anime fan out there who has not heard of you!

I'm pretty sure there's a Clamp work out there for everyone, from their classic shoujo magical girl series like Card Captor Sakura, to their surprisingly graphic and mature works like X/1999.

Personally, out of the lady quartet I've always been a huge fan of Tsubaki Nekoi (Formerly Mick Nekoi). Sure, all the members of Clamp swap roles and have equal part in the final product of any of their titles, but some carry more weight than others, and the titles that Nekoi has worked the most on always seem to catch my eyes, namely, Legal Drug (and it's re-release/continuation Drug and Drop), Kobato, Suki and Wish!

My favorite of these is Wish.

Having recently sat down and finally watched Kobato's anime adaptation, I was in for a huge surprise. For those of you unfamiliar with Wish or Kobato, the rest of this entry will be put under a cut for potential spoilers!
Okay maybe I didn't get so spoilery, but I did get rambley! )

Haha, wow I got really out of focus there. ANYWAYS, I've got a lot of stupid love for this manga and I want to share it with people, so I think I'm going to start up a little review series of some sort for Wish. I want to talk about all sorts of things, the characters, the developments, how much this dumb little comic mean to me, and of course, the pretty, pretty artwork!

So, I think what I'll do is review the manga first, break it down and do it chapter by chapter so I can really go in-depth and have a lot to post! That way I can have regular updates and always have something to do. I'll try to post pictures and scans from my own books or any scanslations if I can find any lying around. I'm also thinking of getting the Wish art book at some point, so I may even review that, and of course, I can always talk about that dumb little music video as well! :3

So keep your eyes peeled, my next post will probably be a little "introduction" of sorts and kick off this little project idea!


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