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Hey birds!

For those of you just tuning in, I've moved into a house with some dear family!

It's been a pretty stressful and hectic month includeing numerous hour long car trips between Texas cities, moving tons of hundred pound second hand furniture, packing boxes, organizing and cleaning clothes, and cleaning up apartments and homes, most of which weren't even *my* responsibility.

Amidst all this hustle and bustle, there was one little fellow that really helped me out.

Her name (within the first five minutes of meeting her) is Milo. She's a stray cat that had been living under the stairs of CW's apartment for the past few weeks, and she was an indispensable source of joy and comfort during a week-long project of cleaning, packing, and loading furniture and boxes into a U-Haul in the sweltering Texas heat.

So this is a post about her. :>

All photography taken by me with a cheap-ass android phone and hosted on lukadian.imgur.com. Please bear with the crummy quality.

So Milo is this little stray orange kitty. We weren't able to sex her for a while since we went back and forth on the sexual dimorphism of cats for a while short of just trying to look at the cat's junk. Regardless, I named her Milo cause she's just a gawky skinny thing like Milo thatch from Disney's Atlantis. :B

Preen preen~!

As I mentioned earlier is was pretty hot outside, probably in the 90's or high 80's at least. We went through tons of water bottles and gallons of filtered water. Milo seemed pretty fine for the most part, and some of the neighbors had been regularly leaving handfuls of cat food and bins of water out for her, but we were still kind of worried about her overheating.

So, we decided to fix her a bowl of water ourselves!

I actually really enjoy this shot of her. :3

Unfortunately she's a little bit of a dumb thing
and ignored the water for a good long while.

Loafing around.

Finally we decided to coax her into drinking it and spent a good fifteen minutes flicking water at a kitty and patiently waiting around with her instead of packing like Responsible Adults With Things To Do.

Really, these net three images just portray the whole process so accuratley.

Sloooowley getting her attention.


Success! ♥

Wash rinse repeat. While ultimately distracting from our goal of FINISH PACKING ALL THE THINGS, Milo was a fun little break. She'd loaf around, chirp at us every now and then
and roll at our feet for belly rubs. We got pretty attached, or at least I did. I even called my mom at one point to ask again about the ban on "free roaming pets" in our house, and 'm pretty sure CW was very tempted to just let her "accidentally" run into the cool airconditioned apartment as we went in and out.

Honestly, I'd been pretty nervous about moving to a new town and living in a big old house all on my own. Sure my sister and boyfrined would be there with me, but there are plenty of things I'd have to do and learn on my own. It was a pretty big step for me! :O And in that time of literally uprooting and shifting for both me and CW, Milo was just a nice soothing reminder that change isn't so bad. Milo doesn't even have a home, and despite being a little skinny, is well loved and provided for, even if her daily life is uncertain at best.

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