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The past few weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster

I've been having some issues with my cranky boy uterus that resulted in two incredibly long back to back periods. They were pretty heavy and had maybe a two day break of spotting in-between. Not counting the spotting I've quite literally been dealing with a two week period and all the usual symptoms. Nausea resulting in an inability to eat, vomiting, and pain bad enough to incapacitate me.

But hey, no black outs this time!

For those that know me, this is not something new, and I've had issues with PMS symptoms and debilitating, painful periods for years now, but recently they (and the ensuing dysphoria) seem to be getting worse. On the one hand, this past week's bleeding could have been caused by a medication I began recently, on the other it could be something far more serious.

For those of you worried, thank you, but have no fear, I've got a follow up appointment with a vagina doctor tomorrow and this time I'll be prepared with my BC, current meds AND a more detailed history of female body problems my family has had. And the possibility that I might only have one ovary due to an infancy surgery that I've only recently learned about. Thanks mom, all this information would have been so useful YEARS AGO ARRRG.

So, that monstrosity coupled with a massive wham of bad brain chemicals and depression that I was just crawling out of at the beginning of the month. Currently I am stable and may be nearing another recovery phase! So far I've found interest in eating and cooking again (always a good sign) and today was really fantastic.

I was hyper competent and productive the whole day. It started off kinda bad, slept in and was almost late to class, and made a lot of goofs while driving which usually makes me pretty grumpy and doubt my abilities, because driving is a school I'm learning very late compared to family and friends, and parking badly, or missing a turn signal, or even making a big, but non-fatal mistake like being in the wrong lane for a few seconds, oblivious to your surroundings, affects other people.

But after my first class (botany lecture! :D) I started to get more into the swing of things. I convinced myself that I could still get a coffee cause I had the money for it and wasn't a selfish person for wanting things, I got into study group with my zoology classmates and we could practically *feel* the improvement during the quiz today, I went to the ATM on my way home, cleaned the kitchen counters, did the dishes, swept, and even had the energy to dust mop our hardwood floors which haven't been done since we moved in, and the last renters moved out (with their two dogs and kids) and the whole place just feels so much nicer and cleaner!

To end on a delicious note I'm posting Melia's Meat Ball Soup recipe with some of my own additions and changes!No real measurments cause this is sort of a slap together soup. Also its soup, so it’s hard to mess up. :B

Meat Ball Soup

What’cha need:
• One (1) bag of frozen meatballs. This time we picked up some smaller spicy Italian meatballs!
• Half a small or medium sized white onion. Heck you can throw in a whole onion, it basically dissolves after a while in soup anyways. Chopped of course!
• Five to seven (5-7) good size celery stalks, you might not want this many, but we had to get rid of some anyways, so soup fluffer! Chopped.
• Mushrooms, however many you like, I put lots in mine since CW and I just love them. Diced or sliced, however you prefer.
• Two (2) carrots normally, but CW doesn’t like them so I excluded them this time! Chopped.
• Two (2) cloves garlic, chopped.
• One (2) zucchini, chopped.
• Kale. Uh, half a bundle I guess? Go nuts, kale is really delicious in this soup!
• One pork cutlet bone with fat and about a centimeter perimiter of meat bits left on for extra flavor!
• Beef base broth or about three or four (3/4) beef bouillon cubes!
• One or two cups of barley or lentils for added protein. Adjust based on how “thick” you like your soup, it won’t get creamy but the barley or lentils will double or triple in size and absorb lots of your broth. I went with lentils this time!
• Generous amounts of dill weed, rosemary and basil. Salt and pepper to taste, the meaty flavor of the meatballs makes it pretty salty by the time everything starts simmering so be careful!

What’cha do:

• Throw your meatballs into a pan lined with foil and cook in the oven according to the directions on whatever brand of bag you bought. For mine, I let them defrost for about thirty minutes, so they aren’t stuck together but aren’t wet or squishy, just a tad solid on the inside still. They cook faster and crisp up on the outside by the time their done this way! The effect is lost when they’re thrown in the soup, but if you like stealing meatballs before you cook with them, they are so good with a little meaty crisp!

• In the mean time, get started on chopping your celery, carrots, and onion, sauté those in the bottom of your soup pan in some oil or butter till they’re nice and soft. Season with salt and pepper to taste. If the carrots are still a bit hard, don’t worry, they’ll soften more when the soup is boiling! While that’s cooking, finish chopping your zucchini, mushrooms and the kale.

• For the broth you’ll want to use a premade one, or throw in some bouillon cubes, thin with a little water to make more soup, I just fill up the soup pan about ¾ the of the way with water/broth right on top of those sautéed veggies. Throw your lentils in and the pork bone and bring to a boil for about five to ten minutes.

• Reduce to simmering and set a timer for about 30 minutes. At this time you can put in your meatballs, kale, mushrooms and zucchini. You’ll want them wilted and soft but not waterlogged and mushy. Season your soup. I like to taste mine at the halfway point to see if I need more seasonings, if I can’t taste the garlic some times I’ll just add some arlic salt or powder. When the timer dings your soup should be nice and flavorful and ready to eat! Dig out the bone and serve.

Basically it’s a really nice protein rich soup with a nice meaty smell created by the meatballs, it has lots of texture from the kale and lentils too, one of my favorites!


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