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Heyo all I've joined the [community profile] clampkink meme so that means more excuses to write fanfic!

This is simply a deanoned post with more detailed author's notes for my first fill! I consequently fell in love with the concept of Subaru and Sakura having a little inter-generational frinedship so... expect to see probably more little ficlets and doodles from me soon exploring this.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Tokyo Babylon and by extension X.

Title: Swing Sets and Sorcery - Thaks to Artimissed for title ideas. Alt: It's all Fun and Games Till Someone's Family Gets Murdered.
Fandom: CLAMP'verse, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon, X.
Pairing: Nothing romantic! Just fluffy Sakura and Subaru interaction.
Word Count: 1827
Rating/Warnings: G, No warnings apply!
~ It's not every day two powerful figures in the trade of magic have an impromptu play date.

I'm pretty sure this is not at all what the requester had in mind. )

And now the notes!:

Too much thought was put into giving this poor boy a hug. )

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Like I promised, one of the few Wish themed fanfics I managed to pump out last week! I really enjoyed how this turned out!

Contains spoilers up to the most recent (as of writing this) chapter of Drug & Drop, and allusions to the ending of Wish. If you're behind on or have not read either of these I suggest you skip this one or get crackalackin on some manga, they're good reads I assure you!

Title: Age Before Beauty* Special thanks to my cousin Krystal for the title! You're the best cuz!
Fandom: Wish/Drug & Drop (AKA Legal Drug)
Pairing: Hisui/Kokuyo, by extension Kakei/Saiga because.
Word Count: 2,688
Rating/Warnings: G, look out for The Son Of Satan being a total tsundere!
~ A certain couple who run a drugstore reminisce on the subject of change and how experiencing it as mortals has effected them. Set during the “Legal Drug” portion of Drug and Drop, right in the middle of volume two, prior to Kazahaya and Rikuo’s return with the cat.

Not at all a thinly veiled excuse to write ageing fluff. )

And now for some notes I guess!
Sometimes I put a little too much thought into things... )

I've still got tons more ideas for writing, hopefully I can get a few more stories out! X3


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