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Hey there, it's actually been forever since my last entry. Unsurprising, I'm terrible at keeping blogs.

But I thought I'd do something a little different and try to keep up with something for once, a little bit of a cross between a "Top Favorites" and some critical analysis! Manga Art Appreciation Days (or MAAD).

So, what I'm going to do over the next few weeks is pull a top five to ten pieces of art from every single CLAMP title out there and showcase them here and pick them apart.

The CLAMP team's art is usually what draws people in to most of their works (as is true for most manga, this is a case where judging a book by it's cover I'm sure is more than common. Being a graphic medium, if the art simply doesn't appeal to you, most people will pass up even damn good stories over badly drawn, or even pieces that just aren't something they like personally). CLAMP is constantly evolving and tailoring their style to evoke something unique in, and differentiate each of their works from the other. Every single title has it's very own "style" that is still identifiable as "CLAMP".

They produce LOTS of artwork for their comics. For as many titles and stories they've written there's nearly just as many if not more art books, post cards, promotional artwork, sketches, designs and icons out there for them all from the talented hands of Mokona, Satsuki and Nekoi.

And so, here are the objectives of this little project of mine:

For every CLAMP manga title, I'm going to pick from five to ten pieces of artwork depending on the amount available, (or that I really can't do without talking about) that are my absolute favorite and showcase them here in a free from analytical essay.
I will open on each essay by pointing out the qualities that make the art for a particular series unique unto itself, including showing example of the actual comic pages and discuss the feel of the overall composition, the weight of lines, the use of tones and what effect this has overall in telling or presenting the story of that work to the readers. I can't guess what Ohkawa may have intended or what aspect of the art she and the other lady's may have discussed before hand but I sure can analyze the hell out of their pages for daaaays. Where available, I will bring in outside primary sources where they have stated a goal in mind or explained tools used and the choices behind them, like interviews and comments!
With that established, I will then take each chosen piece and individually critique it, saying what I like most about it and I will analyze it in relation to the story of the source material, any symbolism going on, what it says about the characters and anything else I can find!

I'm really excited to start this project, and I'm going to start off with CLAMP's debut RG Veda because I'm so very, VERY excited to hear that Dark Horse (bless them, seriously) has announced an omnibus re-release of the series. All ten original volumes will be collected in three MASSIVE large-print books, some about 600 pages each, with their customary inclusion of beautiful artwork and original color pages, which is a wonderful opportunity to have some of CLAMP's gorgeous artwork for the series in print for North American fans! If you've not yet read RG Veda, I'd highly recommend it, it's some gorgeous vintage CLAMP stuff and the title that made them big, and when I get my paws on a copy of the omnibus, I may just sit back and do a review on it, who knows!


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