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My copies of the Wish Drama album and sound track came in! I'll be throwing up a review and pictures for each of them soon!

In the mean time, follwoing my CLAMP rampage I've gotten up to volume 14 of Tsubasa and things have pretty much *just gotten serious* and I'm looking forward to future developments! So far the crossover events with xxxHOLiC up to this point have just been little jokes and somewhat small things, though they've all been incredibly fun (like Yuuko badgering our wandering protagonist's for a White Day return present for the chocolates (made by long suffering Watanuki, of course) she sent them a while back). However, there is still lots of build up about Yuuko's role being far larger than her current involvment with Tsubasa's storyline.

In the mean time, feeling the severe lack of the holic crowd in my Tsubasa I decided to catch up with the entirety of holic's anime adaptations, so in the past week I've blitzed through the original Holic anime, whihc I subsequently snatched up from ebay, and online I've finsihed season two, Holic Kei. I went into it a little unprepared for the emotional one-two punch it would leave me with and later double by the time I got to the OVAs but, god damn. I definatley teared up near the end, thankfully Kei is forgiving in that it finishes on an incredibly uplifting and a tad bit silly note with the wish shop crowd, friends and supernatural patrons having a small get-together.

And then there were the OVA's. Now, I've never actually read through the manga up to these points myself, but I've been spoiled up and frikken down for *what happens* when Tsubasa and Holic finally begin to merge for serious. Even though I went into Kei with knowledge of the manga before hand, it still got to me. I was not expecting the Rou OVA's to get to me even worse.

This next bit will be a cut for under spoilers cause no one wants to read the equivalent of my blotchy gross sob face whilst getting all the best parts spoiled (much like I experienced way back when) at the same time.

Watanuki feels.. ;_; )


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